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Indian homes are filled with a spirit of laughter and togetherness. And at the centre of this spirit in the kitchen. Since early times, an Indian lifestyle revolves around the kitchen.

We remember our grandmothers and mothers fondly whenever we think of an Indian household. The kitchen holds a very integral part of our life. It is of utmost importance that this kitchen caters to all our needs. A kitchen must be extremely functional and easy to use.

A well-planned kitchen can give you exactly that! To get the ideal planning kitchen layout for your home, we have a lot of options available for you!

Modern Indian Homes

Indian family spirit has remained the same, the size of our houses in the modern world is getting smaller and smaller. The kitchens as a result are also getting smaller.

If you have a brand-new home we are sure you want it to look as good as it functions. Nowadays we put a lot of emphasis on the aesthetics of a kitchen as well as its functionality. 

A great way to achieve this objective is to get an open kitchen layout for your home. You might be wondering, small open kitchen design Indian style, small houses can accommodate? Yes, it is possible. Read through the amazing guide to know more.

Requirements Of Small Kitchen Design Indian Style

India is full of diverse cultures. Every household has its unique cooking pattern and go-to recipes. A day-to-day kitchen operation in our Bengali family will be totally different to that in our Punjabi one. Hence it is very important to understand the requirements of small kitchen design Indian style.

However diverse our culture maybe these are the points one must consider while setting a small kitchen design in an Indian household:

  • Indian households tend to store a lot of traditional cooking equipment. Ideal places should be designated for this equipment.
  • Generally, a number of pots and pans are part of any Indian kitchen. Make sure you have enough cabinet space to store all your cooking utensils like pots and pans.
  • A kitchen area in an Indian household is used for at least a few miles a day if not all. Make sure you have a functional kitchen that makes day-to-day cooking easy.
  • If you are a family of two or more people, your kitchen has to cater to the needs of all your family members. It is important to create a design wherein accessibility is easy and convenient for all members using the kitchen.

Benefits Of Open Kitchen Design For Small House

We usually have a notion that open kitchens are only suitable for bigger spaces. All of us love the modern dynamic that open kitchens bring to our homes. They are gorgeous to look at! But did you know that open kitchen designs can seamlessly fit into small spaces?

Here are some key benefits of installing an open kitchen design for small house


Open kitchen design is a modern concept. As the name suggests they are beautiful spaces designed with an open floor plan. They bring a great modern look to any house. Open kitchens not only beautify your kitchen space but also make it the centrepiece of your home.Elegant way to bring your family together.


Open kitchens run freely along with the floor plan of the house. As a result of any lack of barrier or separation, we make your kitchen seem bigger than it actually is. It gives the feeling of a bigger space due to ample ventilation.


Gone are the days when moms are confined to a kitchen space away from the fun going on in the house. An open kitchen will allow you to stay connected to your family even while preparing meals. It makes it extremely convenient to be in touch with activities going on while completing your kitchen tasks.


In today’s hectic life we often prefer to host or gas in the comfort of our home. Especially during Covid, house parties have become a common phenomenon in our modern lives. Open kitchens make entertaining guests extremely easy and convenient. Offer your guest a drink or have a conversation with your besties while preparing hot appetisers for them and also easily!


We all want to make sure that our kitchen is as beautiful as the rest of our home. When you have taken the trouble to select the best finishes for your kitchen along with that beautiful colour scheme, make sure you flaunt it! Open kitchens are so easily located due to their strategic open placement that anyone who works in your home is bound to appreciate your beautiful kitchen.

However, as with all designs open kitchens have certain challenges.

  • Ventilation is a key factor in any kitchen. Because open kitchens are so closely connected to the adjacent room, fumes tend to spread through the other rooms if the kitchen is not equipped with proper ventilation.
  • Europe in the kitchen is a beautiful spectacle for everyone to view. Does it become extremely important for regular maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen? If the kitchen is not maintained well, it tends to look messy and cluttered.
  • Noise is another factor that can be a challenge with open kitchens. Be it the sound of your equipment like food processors travelling to other rooms, what is the sound of television disturbing you while cooking. Sound travels easily between open spaces and can be a challenge for houses with larger families.

If you have decided that you want a beautiful open space and an open kitchen is the right choice for you here are some

Indian Style Small Modular Kitchen Design With Beautiful Open Kitchens

Open Kitchen With Dining 

Take a look at this beautiful kitchen. This open kitchen is set in ivory white. Copper metallic accents craftily matched with wooden details make it the perfect open kitchen for a classy home.

The addition of a small dining corner for food makes it a perfect kitchen come dining space for your small family. It is a smart way to utilise one room for multiple purposes.

Coral Pink Open Kitchen with Island

Yes, if you are someone who has an artistic outlook on interiors, you must check out this understated yet vibrant kitchen in coral pink. Add a splash of colour to your home with subtle elegance.

The addition of a kitchen island is the perfect accompaniment for your open kitchen as it not only adds a beautiful looking feature to the kitchen but also gives you additional counter space for all your cooking preparations like cutting and shopping.

Open Kitchen Come Bar 

Is your home the party hub of your group? Get this modern chic open kitchen with an adjoining minibar to add a new life to your home parties.

This kitchen makes it extremely convenient to host people while you prepare some of your yummy recipes. We have added a small nook to place a couple of bar stools so you can give your guests the chef’s table experience. 

Simplistic Open Kitchen with Built-in Equipments

If you love simplicity, get home this Indian style small modular kitchen today. A classic elegant open kitchen ideal for any small home. It has been planned in such a way that your kitchen equipment such as dishwasher and refrigerator can seamlessly fit into your kitchen without taking up any additional space. The overhead storage ensures that all your products can be stored efficiently.

Open Kitchen With Peninsula Dining

If you have a small space do not worry. Take a look at this open kitchen with a Peninsula dining corner. It makes optimum use of space and gives you a place to enjoy your nails without taking up too much floor space. The peninsula creates an ideal demarcation between your cooking and dining space without making your kitchen feel closed up or crowded.

We know you love our stunning open kitchens. Why wait to get one for your beautiful home. Get in touch with us today to book a free consultation and get an idea of what an open kitchen will bring to your space. A wide variety of elegant kitchen finishes and designs is sure to make your open kitchen one of its kind.Get creative with us.

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