Our Wellness Philosophy

What does it mean to
feel at home?

At its very core, it means feeling safe, at ease, and inspired. A place that truly cares for your well-being. For over thirty years, we have devoted ourselves to fostering this feeling at every Interwood home. Sustainability and wellness form the very essence of who we are. Every aspect of Interwood’s process – from our designs, raw materials, production to execution – has been fine-tuned with your safety and well-being in mind.

The result? A space that is not only intuitive but one that puts you at ease and inspires you to be the best you can be. In short, a space where you truly feel at home. This is why we take pride in going the extra mile to create modular home experiences that are as good for the planet as they are for you. Our commitment to wellness and sustainability is five-pronged


Non - Toxic and Safe

From our kitchens to wardrobes, everything we craft is with your wellness at heart. Our materials are anti-carcinogenic, anti-microbial, and free of toxic contaminants. We go above and beyond to build spaces with the highest safety and hygiene standards. In addition to being non-toxic, Interwood products are flame retardant for up to 45 minutes.

Low - Impact and Sustainable

Home solutions should never come at the cost of the environment, and we’ll have it no other way. This is why we use only premium E1 grade Melamine Faced Chipboards (MFC), forged from wood carcass and lumber scraps bonded at high temperatures. Zero-waste, fully recyclable, and emitting next to nil formaldehyde, MFC is one of the most planet-friendly materials for your home and is in line with our aim to reduce carbon footprint.

Built to Last

There’s no denying that the finest materials make the finest products. All Interwood modular solutions are expertly-engineered with German technology and possess incredibly high screw holding capabilities, giving them a durability that’s hard to find these days. Aesthetically, we may be off the charts, but not when it comes to maintenance. Our modular kitchen, wardrobes, and bedroom solutions are hassle-free to clean and 100% termite-proof.

Designed for Comfort

How we eat and sleep plays a crucial role in defining our well-being, and your kitchen and bedroom are the most nourishing zones in your home. This is why it’s essential they are designed to be comfortable, warm, and mood-elevating spaces that offer a safe refuge from the hustle-bustle of daily life. At Interwood, our design philosophy is shaped by our belief in doing all we can to make your life easier.

ISO-Certifications and Plant-a-Tree Initiative

From concept to completion, our efforts are focused on producing responsibly and ethically without compromising on quality. What better to reflect this approach than the three ISO certifications in Quality Management Systems, Effective Environmental Management Systems, and Health and Safety at work.

Interwood plants a Tree for every Kitchen sold


The International standard for health and safety at work was developed by national and international standards committees independent of government.

The International standard that specifies requirements for a quality management system (QMS)

The International standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system (EMS)

But our work is far from done. We aim to better ourselves continually and take
our commitment to sustainability and your wellness to newer heights every day.

Over the next few years, we aim to :

Launch a carbon-neutral product line to create a measurable impact on the environment.

Spread the awareness of Melamine Faced Chipboard as a sustainable and significantly safer alternative to other harmful materials.

Explore innovative materials and processes to continue being the brand of choice for smart and eco-conscious homes.