7 Effective Kitchen Cleaning Tips For Modular Homes

kitchen cleaning tips

Your kitchen is the centre of all your day-to-day activities. Beginning right in the morning with your cup of coffee to preparing dinner for your loved ones, your kitchen is used multiple times a day. It is fair to say that Kitchen is one of the most used areas of any home. Thus it is extremely important that you know the right kitchen cleaning tips to maintain it.

Not just frequently used, but the kitchen is one such area in your house that is used by all members of the house. In our busy lives, more often than not we end up using our kitchens in a hurry to leave for work or other chores. And these hurried kitchen operations often lead to a messy workspace.

Modular kitchens are meant to beautify your homes while giving you and your family an efficient and easy cooking experience. These spaces are made to be enjoyed and made a mess of. Imagine baking with your little ones on a Sunday afternoon! Though messy, these moments create memories for a lifetime.

To avoid permanent harm to your kitchen, it is important that your kitchen is cleaned daily. Day-to-day maintenance of your kitchen will ensure a long life for your beautiful kitchen. 

However, it is not possible to clean every inch of your kitchen daily. Though some kitchen cleaning exercises are quick and easy, others might be time-consuming and expensive. Keep reading kitchen cleaning tips and tricks to know when and how to maintain an effective kitchen cleaning cycle.

Make A TimeTable

It is extremely effective to have a cleaning timetable for your kitchen as well as other spaces of your home. This timetable will vary according to the type and frequency of your kitchen use. However, the following points will give you a fair idea of how to get one for yourself.

  • Map out your kitchen use timings and frequency. This will help you make a convenient Cleaning pattern for daily kitchen use. Five examples if you prepare lunch as well as dinner at home every day you can opt for cleaning your countertop once both the chores are done to avoid repetition of work.
  • Opt for modern cleaning equipment and practices to make kitchen cleaning easy and fun. Magic clothes to Wife your kitchen store and countertops is extremely easy as compared to a regular duster.
  • Include your entire family in your Cleaning regime. Allocate different Cleaning choices on the timetable to different people to ensure that the workload is evenly distributed making your cleaning timetable more prone to success.
  • Figure out the type of material you want to use in your kitchen. Make sure that the material that you choose is easy to maintain. For pre-existing kitchens, choose cleaning products that are friendly to your kitchen finishes.

Some Great Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks To Make Your Kitchen Clean

Clean Every Day

Yes, you heard us right. Since you end up using a kitchen every day, it is important to clean it every day. The use of the right kitchen cleaning tips and tricks will get you a long-lasting kitchen. Often while cooking we end up soiling the countertops with our cutting and chopping and other cooking activities. Make sure you wipe your countertop clean after every use.

Your kitchen stove is prone to spells and stains which are a byproduct of cooking. Once the stains settle and dry on this stove top, they become difficult to remove. Use a damp cloth to get rid of the stains after you are done cooking.

Like the rest of your home dust accumulates on all your kitchen surfaces. A quick wipe-down of the exposed areas of your kitchen will ensure that your kitchen is just free and your food is being prepared in a safe and hygienic environment. 

Learn How To Maintain Modular Kitchen Cabinets And Drawers?

Remember how you accidentally spilt some flour in your open cabinet while rolling chapatis? This is a common hazard. If you leave your cabinets and drawers open while working, some food particles or stains might settle in them.

Often in a hurry, we grab things in and out of cabinets while cooking and forget to close them. Take that extra second to close your cabinets after you are done accessing things inside. This will solve two purposes. One it will keep your cabinets safe from harmful stains and secondly, it will reduce your cleaning effort.

If your kitchens have smooth drawers and cabinets it is actually very easy to open and close them while cooking. Another important reason for doing this is to avoid steam and moisture from getting inside those beautiful wooden cabinets. Moisture is often a problem for most would the king and hence should be avoided.

Cabinet Liners

Another great solution how to maintain your modular kitchen cabinets effectively is to line them with cabinet liners. These are plastic or silicon maths that are easily available in the market. They generally come in roles ranging from 7 to 9 m and can be cut to the size of your cabinets. 

These mats are waterproof and extremely easy to clean. They act as a protective barrier between your cabinets and the equipment stored on top. Cleaning them is super easy. Just remove the match from your drawers and cabinets, give them a good wash and place them back once they are dry.

Hardware Maintenance

Your kitchen hardware like Nobbs, drawer handles and pull bars and accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Sometimes while cleaning we tend to access them with soiled hands. This leads to the accumulation of stains and moisture in those small knocks and crevices.

It is important to clean them periodically to ensure that they are spotless and shiny. This hardware often tends to get loose with rough or repeated handling. Make sure you check that they are in the right condition and take appropriate repair and maintenance measures.

These may be small things like tightening screws or making sure that the magnetic strips in your cabinets are properly aligned. Regular maintenance will ensure that there are no large repair costs in the future.

 Backsplash Care

The backsplash is the area behind your countertop. It is that area on the wall which is directly subjected to all your cooking activities. These areas are generally decorated with beautiful tiles and wallpapers.

Though the backsplash is waterproof, it is important to ensure timely cleaning and maintenance of this area of the kitchen. Make sure you give those styles a good wipe-down with a damp cloth once a week. Wallpapers can also be cleaned in a similar way.

A liquid or mixture of soap and water can be used once a month to clean the backsplash thoroughly. If your backsplash has beautiful tiles, make sure to use a spare toothbrush to get between those hard to reach gaps between tiles to get rid of any sediments settled there.

Let The Sink Shine

Your kitchen sink has to be the most roughly used area of your kitchen. All your vegetables and fruits are washed in the sink. The kitchen sink is often used to wash small utensils and crockery. In case there isn’t a separate washing area in your home, all of the utensils are cleaned here.

Clogging of kitchen sinks is a problem we all face. But some easy measures can relieve you of this problem. Make sure your kitchen sink is fitted with a proper sink net to avoid any food particles from entering the sink pipe. Make sure to change your sink mesh once it wears out.

Make sure to collect all your food waste outside the sink before you put any utensils in the sink. Give your sink a good scrub down once you are finished with your washing and cleaning activities. 

It is advised that you use an anti-pipe clogging agent in the sink once a month. The tabs of the sink should also be checked for any residue that settles between gaps and cleaned properly.

Equipment Maintenance 

Most modern-day modular kitchens at equipped with state-of-the-art cooking equipment. Ovens in microwaves have become an essential part of our modern life. Kitchens nowadays can showcase various cooking equipment ranging from a simple oven to dish washers & stand mixers.

Make sure that you have a cleaning and maintenance schedule for all of these equipments. These equipment hours are expensive and must be looked after to ensure that you don’t have to change them often. 

We recommend using the right cleaning solutions that are equipment friendly. Avoid using harsh brushes and clothes on the surfaces of this equipment. Yearly maintenance by a professional should be done to ensure that there are no technical defects in your equipment. 

Now that you know what all to clean in your kitchen let us guide you through the right way of cleaning these parts of your kitchen. 

Some Highly Effective Kitchen Cleaning and Organising Tips

One might think that organising ends when you set up a brand-new kitchen. But this isn’t true. Organising is a continuous process that involves and changes with time. 

Your kitchen use may change drastically over years. Over time, we end up buying new kitchen equipment, utensils, storage containers and so on.

You might also discard some of your old equipment and machinery. Thus organising formats and styles change to accommodate these new products.

  • Allocate different cabinets and drawers to a particular type of kitchen product. For example, all your pans and pots can go in one cabinet. 
  • Organise based on size and shape. It is important that you not only use the horizontal space available in your cabinets and drawers but also the vertical space. Buy storage containers and store them in the right size cabinets for the size of containers.
  • A great way to organise multiple products in one cabinet is to include elevators. Elevators are nothing but platforms that you can insert into your cabinets to increase the height of a particular area of the cabinet. This will give you two floors of storage and make it easy for you to spot the different things stored in one cabinet.
  • For small products in your kitchen like spice boxes, sauces and condiments use trays and baskets to add definition to your cabinets.
  • Make use of dividers in your drawers to easily store different nice and cutlery efficiently.
  • Organise rarely used kitchen products on the uppermost storage shelves.
  • Use vegetable racks for storing vegetables outside the refrigerator.
  • Get yourself some open shelves to add additional storage to your kitchen space. Use them to store frequently used products in your kitchen as they are very easy to reach.
  • Contain plastic containers in your kitchen. Avoid overstocking your kitchen with containers and products.
  • If you a tight on space opt for a kitchen trolley. These thin slender trolleys can be stored between thin spaces. For example, there is always some space left between your refrigerator and countertop. These trolleys fit seamlessly in these hidden spaces providing extra storage for your products.
  • Organise in such a way that you can easily put back all the products that you have removed for cooking. This ensures that your organisation is maintained.
  • Remember that kitchen cleaning and organising tips are effective only when followed regularly. Make sure to stick to your cleaning schedule.

We all spend a lot of time planning our dream kitchen. Our kitchen serves us well and we should return the favour with some easy kitchen cleaning tips and practices. Care for your modular kitchen in the right way and it will last you a long time. Kitchens are not only exquisite to look at but extremely sturdy. I am Interwood kitchen is an investment you want to make! Book a free consultation now to get home to your dream kitchen. Benefit from modular kitchen.

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