Get Creative With Modular Kitchen For Small Spaces

modular kitchen for small space

In urban life, the size of our homes is getting smaller by the day. One of the most important rooms in our small homes of ours is the kitchen. It has become very important to have the right modular kitchen for small spaces.

Whether you are a single person living in a home or an entire family, our entire day revolves around the kitchen. From your morning cup of coffee to those untimely midnight cravings, you are constantly using your kitchen. It goes without saying that your kitchen should be ideal for any type of use.

Owing to the continuous rise in the prices of property, we are all opting for smaller and smaller houses. It requires great technical understanding and many years of experience to design a small yet efficient modular kitchen.There are many benefits of a well designed kitchen.

Simple Modular Kitchen Design For Small Space

Simplicity never goes out of fashion! In a smaller space, it is very important to implement a design which is easy to use yet beautiful. A simple modular kitchen design for a small space ensures that your space looks clutter-free. 

A simple design enables you to maintain a clean and organised kitchen. If you are looking for a kitchen design for a small space in your home opt for a simplistic kitchen design.

There are six types of kitchen designs that you can implement in a modular kitchen. Out of those, three kitchen designs can be effectively incorporated into a small space.

Some Designs of modular kitchens for small spaces


As the name suggests, these kitchens are designed in an L-shaped format. An L-shaped kitchen provides sufficient counter space for cooking as well as preparations. You can incorporate storage solutions such as drawers and cabinets.

Add L-shaped kitchen gives you an opportunity to use the corner spaces in your kitchen. Make use of rotating shells that fit snugly in your corner pieces for additional storage.

L-shaped kitchen I love you to add a small dining area in your kitchen. Just add a couple of chairs to the L section of your kitchen (Peninsula), that divides your kitchen from the adjacent room.

The main factor that decides the efficiency of your kitchen is the kitchen triangle. This is the triangle that is created between three points that are your sink, stove and your refrigerator. You can effectively include this kitchen triangle in an L-shaped kitchen making your day today operations easy.


This is yet another simple modular kitchen design for small space where countertops are placed parallel to each other making a galley. Storage is provided below both countertops maximising the storage in your kitchen.

As the galley kitchen layout takes up extra space, efficient planning is required to implement this kitchen design. if you design carefully considering your needs and the space available this can prove to be the perfect kitchen for you.


In a linear kitchen, everything is placed in a single line. Your sink, stove and refrigerator are all placed in a single line generally along the main wall of the kitchen. this is a great choice for a small kitchen and can be incorporated in the smallest of spaces.

while planning and linear kitchen, you have to think about maximising space and storage. Make ample use of overhead storage and open shelving in these kitchens to provide additional storage.

A great idea is to use drawers right below your countertops instead of shelves. The main reason for doing this is that draws can store more things as compared to shelves as they make good use of vertical space. In a linear kitchen, think about your kitchen equipment such as appliances, utensils and storage containers, and keep only those that are used frequently.

Very Small Kitchen Design Indian Style

In Indian homes, the kitchen is the life of the house. Most Indian homes prepare a number of meals on a daily basis. Our Indian lifestyle and culture have a great influence on our food habits.

An Indian diet can range anywhere from 2 to 3 dishes or an elaborate menu depending upon the type of meal. Owing to diverse food options Indian kitchens generally have a number of equipment, utensils and containers.

Very small kitchen design Indian style has to make use of every inch of available space to maximise storage. When you select a kitchen design it is important to plan your kitchen well with a brand that you trust.

Let us look at some ideas that will make a modular kitchen for small spaces efficient and cosy.


In an Indian home store, a number of pots and pans and old school equipment are unique to our cuisine. If you are designing a kitchen for your home you must figure out your unique requirements and kitchen use.

Make use of drawers that start right below the countertop and go all the way to the floors. Drawers provide easy access to the things stored inside. They also use the vertical space efficiently.

In case you are using cabinets under your countertop, make sure to include the right height and number of shells effectively store all of your products.

Make use of dividers in your drawers. This enables you to keep all your crockery and cutlery organised. You can make use of racks for your plates and dinner sets.

In the case of an L-shaped kitchen make use of the corner spaces. Incorporate rotating shelves in these hard-to-reach corners for additional storage.

Include cabinets that go right up to the ceiling. This gives you great additional storage for any bank stock or things which you use occasionally. 

Another great way to use your vertical space is to add open storage or shelves. This gives you easy access to the things that you use daily. Easy accessibility ensures that your kitchen remains clean and organised and things can be put back into place easily.

Yet another innovative idea to add some extra storage to your kitchen is to install shelves on the inside of cabinet doors. These are great for storing small product and frees up space in your cabinet.

Get creative and add shelves and hooks to your backsplash where you can hang your coffee mugs spatulas et cetera. Include a magnetic strip along the bank’s flash to display and store your knife collection. A utensil rack for drying utensils placed right above the sink can be a great solution for effective washing in the kitchen.


In a small space, the lighting will have a great impact on how your kitchen looks. As much as the kitchen needs to be functional, it also needs to serve aesthetic purposes. Lighting is one such element in a kitchen which provides both functionality and beauty.

Make sure to allow good natural light to enter your kitchen through windows and doors. You can opt for large windows in your kitchen to allow entry of light.

Install plenty of lights through ceiling lights off hanging lights to allow light to disperse evenly in your kitchen. You can opt for LED  light strips under your overhead cabinets. These provide spotlighting on your counter top giving you additional clarity. These lights also add a beautiful mood lighting to your kitchen.

You can use lights inside your cabinets that have glass doors to highlight the products inside.


We cannot stress enough the importance of ventilation in any kitchen. Especially for a smaller kitchen, it is important to have optimum ventilation to ensure that the cooking fumes do not circulate throughout the house.

The most effective ventilation solution is an electric chimney installed right above your stove. Windows and doors can also add to the ventilation of your kitchen.


Use of drawers and shelves in a glossy finish reflects light and makes the kitchen look bigger. Opt for materials with a smooth or glossy finish to make your kitchen look seamless and clean. For cabinet doors, glass can be used.

For the countertops materials like Granite, limestone or even ceramic tiles are commonly used. Granite in darker shades is the ideal option for rough and tough use. Especially in a smaller kitchen since all the wet and dry activities had to be done on the same count to top, darker shades prove to be scratch and stain resistant. 

A backsplash is another important part of a kitchen. It is one of the first things you notice when you enter the kitchen. You can use your backsplash to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter.

Use reflective tiles on your backsplash as they make a space feel bigger. The use of glass on the backsplash is an emerging trend and gives you an illusion of space double the actual size.


Ditch bulky handles and norms as they make a space look cluttered. Instead opt for finger pools, magnetic strips or sleek handles and norms to give your kitchen a seamless continuity. 


In recent times appliances have become a must in every kitchen. However, placing a number of appliances on the countertop in a small kitchen takes up all of the workspaces. Moreover, it makes the kitchen look very disorganised.

A great way to overcome this difficulty is to install built-in appliances. For example, you can install an oven right below your stove to make a designated hot kitchen area. 

Another great way to save space is to opt for multifunctional appliances. For example, you can opt for a convection microwave that will serve as both a microwave and an oven. Stay away from single use appliances such as toasters to avoid clattering in the kitchen.

Modular Kitchen Colour Selection For Small Spaces

The colour of your kitchen defines the style and look of the space. It is the first thing that you notice when you enter the kitchen. The colour scheme of your kitchen should reflect your personal style.

It is very important to have the right modular kitchen colour selection because it serves more than just aesthetic purposes. The colour of your kitchen will decide the mood of the kitchen. It will dictate whether a space feels moody and cosy or bright and early.

The colour and colour scheme that you choose will depend on the following points.

  • The size of the kitchen: A smaller kitchen benefits more from lighter colours as it makes a space look bigger. Darker colours can also be used in a small kitchen. However, they have to be used smartly and in combination with lighter wall and floor colours
  • The natural light available in the kitchen: In kitchens where ample natural light hits the cabinets and drawers, there is scope for using darker shades and hues. On the contrary, a lighter shade should be used where the natural light is limited.
  • The materials used in the kitchen: The materials used on the cabinets, backsplash and countertop greatly dominate the colour selection in the kitchen.
  • Personal style aesthetic and colour preferences: Ultimately modular kitchen best colour combination should reflect your personal style. Don’t be scared to add a personal touch through a contrasting colour or a unique finish on the backsplash.

Modular Kitchen Best Colour Combination 

  1. It is a great choice to go in for an all-white kitchen for a small space. We all know that white makes things look bigger than they actually are. A monochromatic white kitchen is a great choice to make your kitchen look timeless yet modern.
  2. Opt for a dual tone and kitchen to add some interest to the room. You can use light bright shades as the base colour in the kitchen through the cabinets and opt for a second highlighting colour. This can be strategically placed to enhance a particular section in your kitchen like the overhead storage cabinets.
  3. A three-tone colour scheme can also be used in a smaller kitchen. However, you have to be smart about the colours you choose. A great tip is to use different shades of the same colour or colours that belonged to one Palate. You can choose from various trending colour combinations
  4. If you are someone who likes a dark and moody space and want to incorporate darker colours in your kitchen, make sure you do it smartly. You can use black or dark grey overhead cabinets against a plain white wall and backsplash.


Just because you have a smaller space for your kitchen, does not mean that you have to compromise on functionality and looks. Modular kitchen for small space can now be customized and made super efficient and beautiful. We have an amazing range of kitchen designs for all sizes. Our unique storage solutions will make optimum use of every inch of your kitchen. 

Add into would we make sure that you have the perfect kitchen that is easy to use, easier to maintain and breathtaking to look at. Connect with us to start your dream kitchen journey today.

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