6 Modern & Elegant hinged wardrobe designs in 2022

hinged wardrobe designs

This design is traditional and a popular choice amongst all types of homes. Hinged wardrobe designs can define the aesthetic of your room.

The hinge door wardrobe design has been used for a long time but doesn’t worry, if you’re someone who focuses on fashion as much as function like us, this design is not what you’d consider outdated.

As wardrobes have been evolving over the years, the hinged door wardrobe design has continued to evolve as well. Either by combining modern designs with the traditional hinged door design or by adapting to newer home trends, this design still stands strong.

Let us first understand what the hinge door design is, A hinged door is fixed onto the wardrobe with simple hinges which swing out and in when opened or closed.

The hinged doors can be fixed into any wardrobe design and shape. It also has the added benefit of not taking up any storage space as it swings outwards when opened.

This design is most preferred for its flexibility as it works with any home, bedroom and storage room. It is easy to adjust its design and even easier to organise all your personal items.

Benefits of using a hinged wardrobe design

1) Flexibility

The hinged door wardrobe is one of the easiest to customise and personalise. It can be suited to a traditional home just as well as a modern home. Its ease in adapting to new surroundings makes it fashionable, functional and a long-term option.

2) Safety in choice

They don’t call it the safe choice for no reason. A hinged wardrobe design is a choice you can’t go wrong with as it does everything a wardrobe is meant to do with no compromise making it ideal for first-time homeowners to place and organise.

3) Variety

This design’s long-time existence has allowed it to evolve and give rise to many designs, shapes and colours. A homeowner will have ample designs to choose from and can choose the best design for their home.

4) Maximum visibility

This design offers the most visibility among all other designs. It allows the homeowner to see all that is stored once the door has swung open. It makes it easy to pick out what you want and it reduces the risk of losing your things in the wardrobe.

5) Easy to maintain

This design is the most convenient to maintain. Its features allow you to easily clean every compartment. It also makes it easy to remove the doors in case of any damage making them less expensive to repair or improve.

Disadvantages of the hinged door wardrobe 

 1) Takes up a lot of space

This design’s biggest criticism is the amount of space it consumes. It is not just the dimensions of the wardrobe which take up space but also the doors which swing out. It eats up a considerable amount of space.

2) Restricted organising liberty

This design due to its traditional roots gives very few options when it comes to organising your things. This is not usually concern but if you are someone who likes to arrange your things a certain way this design limits that freedom.

 3) Cannot support a heavy mirror

If you are someone who prefers a mirror fixed to the wardrobe, this type of wardrobe can only support lightweight and sleek mirrors compared to other wardrobe types. Due to the space available on the doors, the mirror can’t occupy the whole space as there is a risk of it smashing when opened.

Here are some hinged wardrobe designs you will love 

1) Traditional elegant wooden hinged wardrobe 

If the theme of your home is more traditional than modern, then we suggest to you the traditional wooden hinged wardrobe, its classical nature adds a more antique feel to a modern wardrobe design making it perfect for your home.

2) Stylish hinged wardrobe with a glossy finish 

This is a stylish and modern design which gives the room a modern aesthetic look. These designs look best with a barn door handle and are perfect for modern homes.

3) Glassdoor hinged wardrobe

This design is completely see-through as it has a glass door. It adds a modern aesthetic look and has 100% visibility. It also has drawer compartments at the bottom to store your accessories and has ample room to store all other personal belongings.

4) Wardrobe with study attached

This design has the benefit of making the most of space availability. Along with the tall hinged doors, there is a study attached to its side with compartments to satisfy the wardrobe and the study. 

5) Tall wardrobe design with woody finish and mirror 

This design has 4 doors, top compartments and a vanity drawer beneath the mirror. Its smart design lets you store your things in a neat and orderly manner. 

6) L-shaped wardrobe

This is yet another example of modern wardrobe design. This 6-door wardrobe design makes use of the wall corners to maximise space efficiency. A mirror and vanity drawer can also be fixed. Its compartments also allow for more storage space.


These are just some of the trendiest hinged door wardrobe designs we’ve spoken about. This style of wardrobe is a fan favourite amongst most Indian homes. Its fashionability and functionality are what make it the popular choice amongst Indian homeowners. 

You now have all the essential information about hinged door wardrobe designs and can make a calculated choice when it’s time to purchase, but if you still need any assistance book your free consultation with Interwood experts today.

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