7 Most convenient Wardrobe designs for small bedrooms with mirror

wardrobe designs for small bedrooms with mirror

In today’s world efficiency is king. To do more with less is how to get the best out of your living space. A wardrobe designs for small bedrooms with mirror is the complete package in modern homes.

mirror is usually larger than other wardrobes in the house and more lavish.  

In a large bedroom space, the room ideally would have its own space for a mirror, but In small compact homes, it is not only efficient but also fashionable to have a mirror fixed to the wardrobe.

Let us see the benefits of having a small bedroom layout

1) A compact bedroom layout gives a feeling of safety and security. Its cosy nature is perfect for a city landscape. It makes it much easier to decorate the bedroom with decor like candles, pictures, and nightstands and it becomes a much easier task to rearrange or reorganise the decor. It gives a more homely feeling.

2) A small bedroom is less intimidating as it doesn’t overwhelm you into filling a large space. It becomes infinitely much easier to plan and furnish the room.

3) Easy to clean and maintain – a small bedroom makes it infinitely easier to keep things tidy and neat and consumes much less time and effort to maintain the bedroom.

4) It becomes more sustainable – in a compact bedroom you will not waste space with unnecessary decor, adding only what you require gives the room a more neat and organised look. It is financially less burdening to decorate a small bedroom than a large one.

Let us also look at the disadvantages of having a small bedroom

1) In a large bedroom space you have the freedom to leave things around without making the room look clumpy or untidy. In a small bedroom leaving things around ruins the look of the entire room and makes it look messy.

2) Storage space – A bedroom also acts as a storage space for all your clothes, accessories and personal items. A small bedroom means that there is less space for storing these items and usually ends up in a compromise, storing only the daily use clothes and accessories and other items will probably end up clumped in another room.

3) Depends much on being organised well – All the pros can quickly turn into cons if it isn’t organised well. A small bedroom leaves little room for getting it wrong if it isn’t organised well you will have to spend time reorganising it again till you are right.

In summary, we realise that managing space in a small bedroom is very important and we must get it right in order for it to be homely and welcoming when we come home at the end of the day to rest.

The solution to living in a small space is to plan effectively. A well designed wardrobe fixes all the storage problems. When space is of concern every inch matters. A wardrobe which can efficiently store all your clothes and accessories is essential.

Another major problem with small bedrooms is lighting. The room will look dull and aged if there isn’t enough lighting across the room. A master bedroom wardrobe design with a mirror can reflect the natural light and make the room look brighter and more lively.

A bedroom cupboard design with a mirror also makes dressing up easier. Once you pick out what you want to wear, you can immediately see whether you like your outfit or not, avoiding the little walks to the fixed wall-mounted mirrors.

A bedroom is also the most important aspect of any home. It is unequivocally the part of the home which requires your input more so than others. Your resting place must be designed as per your preferences. From the bed to the decor, each element adds in own aesthetic. 

Here are a few modern wardrobe designs for small bedrooms with mirror.

 1) Wardrobe with plenty of drawers and built-in fixed mirror

This type of wardrobe allows you to store all of your accessories and consumes very little space in your bedroom making it ideal for someone who likes to organise all their accessories and personal items.

2) bedroom cupboard alongside the bed

If you are a get-up-and-go type of person, this design is for you. These are cupboards which are right next to the bed and it makes it much easier for you to access it, whether it is when you wake up or when you’re going to bed.

3) Wardrobe with slide in-out feature

A modern wardrobe design with a mirror allows you to store utilities alongside the usual accessories and clothes. Iron boards, mirrors and hangers can be fixed into the wardrobe and can slide out when it is used and conveniently slides back in after use.

4) Sliding door wardrobes

In a small bedroom, an open wardrobe door can be a hassle and will get in the way. Sliding door wardrobes don’t occupy an inch more than it needs to and the problem of it getting in the way will never occur as they would hide behind each other when slide open.

5) End to end wardrobe design

This design takes up the entire length of the wall, although this does not leave a lot of space for bedroom decor, it is still one of the more suggested types of design as it maximises storage space and gives you more choice in the organisation of your wardrobe.

6) Wardrobe with multiple divisions

A design perfect for the neat freaks out there. This design has multiple divisions with the right balance of drawers and doors making it easy to organise your things even if you’re not an expert at it.

7) 2 door bedroom cupboard

A traditional and classic design for small bedrooms consisting of 2 doors side by side. It is a familiar design and straightforward to organise.

A small bedroom isn’t necessarily a curse, we now see that they’re quite beneficial in their own way and not something to frown upon. It is now becoming a trend in modern houses to be as space efficient as possible with the rising prices of houses.

Now you have all the information you need before making the final decision of purchasing a house and an idea of what kind of storage solutions you’d require for your home.

A home is always considered an extension of yourself and is something very personal to you. It is the place you rest and finds peace. The bedroom is where you should feel the most comfortable and it should be designed to perfection from the room decor to the type of wardrobe you choose, all of it is essential in converting your home into a dream home. 

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