8 latest handle designs for wardrobe 2022

latest handle designs for wardrobe

When you are deciding on a wardrobe for your home or bedroom, you’d consider the price, the size and how fashionable and trendy it may look. But what you might overlook is the handle for the wardrobe.

If you have knowledge about the latest handle designs for wardrobes you’d make the ideal handle choice which best suits your wardrobe.

A small detail is often overlooked but have a major impact on the whole look of the wardrobe and will determine the feel of it throughout its life span. 

A wrong choice of handle design could affect its usability for a long time and some designs could permanently leave a mark if changed or replaced. 

When choosing a handle you must really get a feel for it and envision how it would complement or affect the look of the whole wardrobe. 

Your handle must be both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective. It must allow you to access your wardrobe with ease and mustn’t become a hurdle. Sometimes the handles look very aesthetic but accessibility becomes a challenge. 

Factors to consider before choosing your almirah handle design 

1) Design 

Choosing the design is perhaps the most time-consuming part of ultimately deciding on which handle to buy. Having a look at the latest handle designs for wardrobes will help you make your choice. The design is important as it sets up the look of the entire wardrobe. 

The design of the handle must match the overall theme of both the wardrobe and the interior design and decor. It should be of the right shape and size to compliment the wardrobe doors and the whole room’s layout. 

If it is within your budget, you can even have designer wardrobe handles to make your wardrobe truly unique and special. 

2) Handle type 

The handle type will ultimately decide how you access your wardrobe. It could be pull-out handles, twist handles, knobs etc… these all fall mainly under 2 categories visible and invisible. 

Each of these has its own benefits. The invisible handles give the wardrobe a more neat and clean look but are more prone to be affected by the damage. Invisible handles consist of push latches, integrated handles and hidden pulls.

The visible handles are more beneficial to people with disabilities and are ultimately easier to access and are more durable compared to invisible handles but lack a neat and sleek look. These handles include pull handles, lever handles and knobs.

3) Handle finishes 

There are various handle finishes available in the market. There are finishes which serve different purposes such as non-reflective finishes or flat finishes. These finishes add to the aesthetic of the wardrobe. 

It is also important to note that finishes for handles and knobs are different for every brand. Make sure you compare and see which finish actually matches your wardrobe.


1) Bar handles 

This is a simple yet elegant design. Bar handles are in the shape of a bar which is fixed onto the door. It is best to fix long bar handles as it improves durability. It held to swing outwards and inwards depending on whether it is being open or shut. It usually has a metallic finish but chrome and stainless steel also are popular finishes. 

2) Recessed handle 

This type of handle is fixed within the door of the wardrobe. It leaves just enough gap for your fingers to fit in making it easier to pull open but not compromising on the sleek look. This is a strong, trendy and durable design. You must only remember to clean the inside of the handle as dust tends to settle there. 

3) Bow shaped handles 

This type of handle is arched in the shape of a bow. This is a classic design which is very prominent in most modern-day wardrobes. Its bow-shaped arc gives the hand ample room to grip it and open it. It is sturdy and not easily damaged and can be cleaned easily. 

4) handleless 

This type of handle is an invisible handle, which works with a push-to-open mechanism. The door needs to be given a gentle push and the springs fixed into the door will make the door swing outward. This handle gives the wardrobe a sleek, streamlined look giving the room a modern appearance. It must be used with care as it would need replacing if the spring is damaged. 

5) knobs 

A classic handle which has been used for decades. It is a circular handle which is fixed to the centre of the wardrobe. It is highly functional and fashionable, the only drawback is that over time the screws get loose and will need to be tightened regularly. 

6) Edge profile 

This is another form of invisible handle, a part of the wardrobe is hollowed out to create space for your hand to fit in and pull the doors open. It can be used for the shutter and the draws of the wardrobe. It gives a clean and neat appearance to the entire wardrobe.

7) Long bar handles

This is a handle which stretches across the face of the wardrobe, it essentially works like the regular bar handles, except that it is much longer and gives it a more sophisticated look. It is sturdy and stylish and perfect for tall wardrobes. 

8) antique design handles

These are usually bar-shaped handles or bow handles which are designed with antique-looking grooves and design. It functions just the same as all other handles and is usually preferred to have a brass or copper finish. It gives the room and wardrobe a luxurious and royal feel. Due to its heavy weight, there is a chance of the screws getting loose but only after prolonged use.

When it comes to making your final decision as to which handle you want for your wardrobe, you have an array of choices from traditional handles to designer wardrobe handles. Each has its own purpose and adds its own unique aesthetic. 

You must carefully pick out your choice of handles after taking into consideration your home theme, room layout, wardrobe size, which type of handle you prefer and your budget and then make the perfect purchase. 

You have now had a look at some of the wardrobe handle designs in India which are popular and unique, this would give you some guidance as to what handles you would be looking for to add to your wardrobe.

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