Components of Interwood Modular Kitchen

What makes a house a home? The answer is Life. And what brings life? The answer is Kitchen that takes care of your health, family bond, taste and style. And such kitchens are the Interwood kitchens. The combination of German quality and Indian Kitchens bring grandeur with culture in your homes. 

Interwood has varieties of modular kitchens that you can browse and opt for the functional kitchen that satisfies your personal needs. The modular kitchens of Interwood have impressive components that enhance the storage capacity and organisation of vessels, spoons, cans, anything and everything. 

The Interwood modular kitchen components possess an organiser for items like spoons, knives, forks, spatulas, tongs. The different organisers and cooking hobs are arranged by Interwood in such a way that kitchen tools are comfortable to access

The unit of Interwood modular kitchen is a storage house of different shapes and sizes of utensils, dry groceries, kitchen ingredients. Depending on the type of modular kitchen you go for, units are differently designed. The system of accessing the storage from the kitchen cabinets or units is simple. Unlike normal kitchens, our modular kitchens do not make your kitchens congested. Rather, it arranges all kitchen items systematically. 

Interwood kitchens have divided different drawers for different uses with easy to understand and decided load bearing capacity. The cabinets are aligned in a manner that the entire modular kitchen looks like a one beautiful kitchen set. The plate racks, storage baskets in the cabinets if required cater to your storage needs. 

The Interwood kitchens do not have any corner that is hard- to- reach. You will neither find the kitchen cluttered nor dust and grime accumulation. Interwood kitchens benefit you with functionality together with style. It is a sleek, flexible holistic arrangement that organises sub- assemblies of various parts like drawers, cabinets yet manages to utilise the space quite impressively. Our designers keep several important aspects into consideration while designing kitchens. Detailing is emphasised to a great extent and kitchen layout is planned. Requirements of family needs coupled with ergonomics make it convenient to use and offer the maximum storage. While designing, kitchen appliances are taken into consideration and accordingly, modular kitchens and its measurements are selected. 

Our designers advise the types of Interwood kitchens, colour combination, material and the suitable type for your kitchen space.  

We provide varieties of kitchen types:

Straight Modular Kitchen: This trendy modular kitchen is an amazing choice for people with very constrained space. The complete kitchen runs across a straight line with the placement of the stove and sink in the same line. Street modular kitchen in the monochromatic colour scheme will give you a sleek and timeless kitchen.

L-shaped Kitchen: An L-shaped kitchen is a great choice for smaller spaces as it gives you additional counter space. Interwood kitchens make optimum use of those hard to reach corners in L-shaped kitchens with smart installations like a rotating trolley.

Galley Kitchens: Ideal for modern homes with limited space. In a galley kitchen we provide counter tops placed parallel to each other. The kitchen runs in a beautiful parallel pattern giving you ample work space and segregation of the cooking area from the wet area

U-Shaped Kitchens: ā€œUā€ modular kitchens are typically three-walled units with plenty of work and storage space on offer. Besides being an absolute joy to cook in, U-shaped kitchens are quite generous when it comes to entertaining guests. Your friends and family can chat with you or help you cook up a storm without bumping into each other. 

Island Kitchens: Usually paired with a Street or L-shaped kitchen, these beautiful island kitchens provide you with additional workspace and a cosy dining corner all in one. Include an island in your kitchen for a unique dining experience right in the kitchen itself. Interwood kitchen islands are made in exquisite finishes to make your kitchen the central attraction of your home. 

Paired with a hanging pendant light or a small chandelier, this is bound to be one of the best modular kitchen designs for opulent homes.

Interwood customises the best Indian modular kitchen design. In Indian homes, most if not all meals are prepared and released at home. With a diverse culture comes a never ending array of beautiful recipes that has become a part of our lifestyle.

Connect with Interwood and customise the best Indian modular kitchen design to take care of all the storage needs. 

Interwood kitchens help your family thrive while making your home a beautiful space

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