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Kitchen Accessories

HingE & Drawer Systems

Our Hinges are fittted with Soft-close, a unique damping system for the doors. Our Drawer Systems are also fitted with Soft-close, the comprehensive damping concept, wherein movement becomes an experience. Soft-close is something special which helps in gently slowing the closing action of the drawer and sliently pulls it to the fully closed position. It is no surprise therefore, that Softclose has become a benchmark.

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Kitchen Accessories   Kitchen Accessories    

Wooden and Stainless Steel Cutlery Tray

Wooden Cutlery TrayThe organising system can be individually equipped with many useful utensils like Cutlery, Knives, Spices and Cling film.

Stainless Steel Cutlery TrayStainless Steel Cutlery Trays privide excellent design and versatility for storage solutions.

Cleaning Agent Pull-out


Larder Unit

Cleaning Agent Pull-OutFor every access to the cleaning agents in the lower basket, the top basket can be pushed to the left or right. The baskets are removable with handle.   Larder UnitA larder unit that swings into action can be swiveled to right or left so that every single item is in full view and immediately accessible.

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