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About ALNO

For more than 80 years now the ALNO name has stood for kitchens that people get excited about. And the history of ALNO is as unique as our kitchens are. The story begins in 1927 with the carpenter's workshop of Albert Nothdurft which continously expands over the next 30 years and then finally moves to Pfullendorf. The ALNO Möbelwerke GmbH & Co KG is founded there in 1958. During the next few decades their kitchens earn international renown. Since 1995, ALNO has assumed the legal form of a joint stock corporation and is now one fo the market leaders.

Thus it's no wonder that ALNO is one of the best known kitchen brands around the world today. You can certainly say that our name is connected over generations with many grand and wonderful moments and memories.

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